What Is In Wartrol

Questions may start to flood your mind as you keep seeing the name ‘Wartrol’ across the Internet or other various places.

“How is it used?”
“Is it an Oral medicine?”
“Does It Hurt?”
“Will It Really Work on genital warts?”
“Is It for both men and women?”

“What’s in this stuff??”

Our site is pretty informative so you can click around and explore to find those answers. We’d like to focus on what makes Wartrol the wart fighting medicine that it is and go over its maximum strength and makeup, but first let’s discuss how these warts even come about.

An infection called human papilloma virus, also known as HPV, is a virus that can enter the body through cuts and other vulnerable sites found on one’s skin or feet. Genital human papillomavirus is the most commonly sexually transmitted infection and there are more than 40 types of HPV that can infect the genital regions of men and women. HPV can be passed on through vaginal, anal and oral sex and even genital-to-genital contact.

It is important to know that about 70 percent of those having sexual contact with someone who has a genital warts infection, can also develop the warts over a period of 5-6 months after contact. There are many people infected that don’t even get warts. Genital warts is the most common symptom of HPV though. With a few drops of Wartrol you could possibly be on your way to being wart free.

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Wartrol, available over the counter, is an herbal wart treatment that comes in the form of a liquid solution to treat warts. This topical solution is placed directly on the infected areas of the body. It has to sit and dry but the maximum strength goes into these infections and works to break them up and disappear for good so you can go back to doing what you enjoy, and in a safe manner. The ingredients found in this home treatment are FDA approved and even used by many doctors, specializing in the skin and other infections. Natural oils are a part of the unique mixture used in the wart remover. These all natural oils work to starting a natural process in the skin called Keratolysis. Clinically proven to work and even recommended by Dermatologists, Wartrol will restore the affected skin and return it to its natural state. Get your warts removed with an affordable and dependable solution.

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