Warts and Verrucas

Verrucas are the kind of warts that appear as areas of flat, thicker skin with a hard edge and soft center. They are most commonly seen where the ball of the foot is exposed to pressure. Small black spots can be seen in the middle of the verruca. These spots are caused by bleeding in the verruca as a result of walking or standing on the foot. A foot infected with verrucas releases virus infected cells onto the floor and the skin becomes more receptive when wet and exposed to damp areas. This is why it is recommended that children and adults with verrucas wear a sock or water shoes when they go swimming.

While some people are more susceptible than others to the virus, it is unknown why. Some kids who share bathrooms with other infected children will get the wart virus while others will not. After an infection it can take many months for the warts and verrucas to even develop.

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One of the over-the-counter medicines available for treating verrucas is Wartrol. This natural wart remover medicine is in the form of a liquid solution. It is applied as directed right onto the skin. Put it on the infected areas consistently. The oils and FDA approved ingredients used by dermatologist will get those warts out. Warts can reappear later, but talk to your doctor about the benefits of Wartrol wart remover and how it can work for your virus. Wartrol is a good treatment for targeting those warts caused by HPV infections. For now try to avoid walking barefoot on hard floors, bathroom floors or around public swimming pools. Protect yourself from these types of infections that cause verrucas.

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