Wartrol | What is Podopfilox Lotion/Gel?

Genital warts can be caused by various types of human Papilloma virus. The warts appear anywhere on the skin including genital parts. Over 100 different subtypes of HPV are recognized and only about 30 of them in particular affect the genitals.

Podofilox, short for Podophyllotoxin (PPT), is a non-alkaloid toxin lignin extracted from the roots of and rhizomes of Podophyllum species. It is a topical gel used to treat genitals warts and derivatives display a wide selection in medical applications.

Podopfilox lotion or gel can be applied at home twice a day for about three days, followed by four days without any treatment. The cycle is then repeated for four weeks. Although it may have some side effects, PPT is well-suited for home treatment. The podofilox topical solution usually comes with an applicator. One should apply the minimum amount of solution to cover the lesion. You’ll want the solution to dry before allowing the return of opposing skin surfaces to their normal positions. After each treatment the applicator should be thrown away and the patient needs to wash his or her hands.

One type of genital wart that should be treated with Podofilox is squamoucell carcinoma. Even though it may be associated with HPV, don’t use PPT to treat it. Consult your doctor and try ordering Wartrol – a natural treatment for warts caused by HPV.

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Podophyllin resin is a common treatment for genital warts. This brown liquid is painted on the wart and washed off after about four hours. It can require more than one application to work effectively.

As far as possible side effects of podofilx, application can immediately be followed by burning or itching. Small sores, itching and peeling of the skin can also follow after using podofilox. Most people who use this gel don’t report of the side effects though.

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