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When looking for remedies to treat warts, look towards Wartrol. There are different ways of treating warts. A few home remedies for treating warts include: salicyclic acid, tape occlusion and nonprescription cryotherapy. Salicylic acid formulas include Compound W and Occlusal and is incurs minimal risk and pain. The treatment takes 2-3 months. Tape occlusion (or duct tape) lets one use duct tape to cover the wart for a period of time, taking 1-2 months. Cryotherapy can be performed in your doctor’s office, but there is a type of treatment in which this can be done at home if you’re treating common warts located on your hands or feet. Spray a combo of the two chemicals into a foam applicator and then hold the applicator to the wart for a few seconds.

While these methods are not encouraged for treating genital warts caused by HPV infections, they are options that people consider trying. However, Wartrol is a remedy that is very safe and trusted. Using natural oils and unique FDA-approved ingredients Wartrol is one of the fastest acting wart removal products available. You can get it over the counter.

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Wartrol is a natural wart remedy that was designed specifically for those suffering from warts caused by the HP Virus. The herbal product is an effective home treatment approved by the FDA. It contains maximum strength in its fast-acting painless liquid to remove common and plantar warts caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Wartrol is not just safe, but also effective. You get an application brush with the solution. In three easy steps you can apply the wart remover. Simply dip the brush in the bottle. Apply Wartrol liquid to the wart using the application brush. Let it air dry for 60 seconds, and allow about 20 minutes for the powerful solution to dissolved the wart. Try not to cover the wart with clothing or a band-aid for these 18-19 minutes. Keep following these 3 steps until your wart is gone.

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