Understanding Genital Warts

A blissful night of unprotected sex may sound good for a lot of people in liberated countries, but the dangers it entails may turn the lives of those involved upside down. There are many diseases or infections that could be brought about by unprotected sex. One of those infections includes the formation of genital warts. This infection affects a greater population than any other kind of sexually transmitted disease.

Genital warts are a cause of alarm among medical professionals and those who are suffering from them because according to scientific studies, the human papillomavirus (or HPV) is the same virus connected with the development of cervical cancer and, apparently, other kinds of genital cancers as well. This has then become a great point of concern. The number of those suffering from this is currently increasing.

Genital warts are very infectious and it is very important for the public, especially those who are sexually active, to know that they are so. Transmission among sexually active couples is very common and very high. It has also been found out through various studies that those who suffer from genital warts suffer more than just having the infection; they also suffer from sexual difficulties, psychological distress, and even social isolation.

The warts generally appear in clumps or clusters on the genital area, and sometimes even until the anus. The danger, though, is when the warts grow inside the genital area, especially in women. There are also instances when there are warts inside the anus as well. As for some, the warts could not be seen and should be treated first with a solution that will make them visible. The diagnosis is to be made by the doctor, who will then give the best treatment possible for the infected person.

If the person already has genital warts, the best thing to do is to visit the doctor and have him or her discuss the different treatment options available. There are also over-the-counter medications for the treatment of warts caused by HPV, such as Wartrol. These medications are applied onto the growths and have been known to relieve the infected patients of the discomfort that is felt because of the warts. The doctors also have other treatment options that could be discussed together with the doctor.

But as the adage goes, “Prevention is better than the cure”, prevention of the infection of genital warts is better. The human papillomavirus is able to penetrate the skin of the mucosal linings of the genitals by passing through very small openings or cracks. These “cracks” are commonly formed during vigorous sexual activity. If a person who has genital warts has unprotected sex with somebody, chances are, the partner will also be infected.

It is important to know that the signs and symptoms may not be visible even up to years upon infection. This is why unprotected sex should not be made a habit, especially if the person has multiple partners. Having multiple partners only increases the risk of developing a sexually transmitted disease (or STD) and other infections as well.

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