Treatment for Genital Warts

Once a person has been infected there is no treatment that can completely eliminate genital warts. Usually the outbreaks of genital warts can become less frequent over time until the body naturally clears the virus. Then the warts will disappear on their own accord, but for some people the infection could linger. It is important to always treat genital warts. Even if a doctor gives a patient various treatments to clear them up, there is a possibility of the warts reappearing afterwards. Because genital warts are caused by a virus instead of a bacterium, antibiotics will not get rid of them.

Use WARTROL for Natural Wart Relief

Some of the common treatments of genital warts include:

Crycautery (cryotherapy): liquid nitrogen is used to freeze more persistent warts every 1-3 weeks for a short period
Electrocautery: an electrical current is used to heat a needle used to burn the wart cells and cauterizes the blood vessels; electrocautery is only used after other treatments have failed; a local anesthetic is performed to prevent any pain during surgery

Laser Treatments: an intense beam of light is used with this expensive method which is usually reserved for extensive and hard-to-treat warts

Podopfilox lotion or gel: this type of lotion or gel can be applied directly to the warts at home; a normal schedule for application is twice a day for 3 days, followed by 4 days without any lotion/gel; the cycle is repeated for a month (4 weeks) and is well-suited treatment for home

Podophyllin resin: brown liquid that removes genital warts by stopping cell growth; this liquid and podofilox lotion is painted on to the warts by a nurse or doctor and must be washed off about 4 hours later; to avoid damaging healthy tissue around the wart the drug must be applied by a medical professional several times to work effectively

Surgical excision: a minor surgery performed by the doctor to remove wart under local anesthetic

The most recommended treatment for warts that are caused by HPV infections, if you’d like to try a natural remedy at home is Wartrol! This medicine provides relief if the patient is experiencing discomfort or irritation, and helps warts go away. Wartrol is available over the internet and over-the-counter to those who are suffering from embarrasing warts. Nobody wants to go on living with genital warts for too long. Consult the doctor about appropriate treatment and if you can begin with your Wartrol usage at home. Wartrol uses FDA approved ingredients and is clinically proven to remove warts caused by HPV. With maximum strength, not only does it come with a convenient brush applicator but it’s a safe, fast-acting painless liquid. Find out which treatment for genital warts is best for you.

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