Small warts that occur in the rectum are known as anal warts or condyloma acuminate. At first anal warts show up as tiny blemishes as small as the tip of a pin, but then they grow into larger cauliflower sized proteuberances. Anal warts may be pink, light brown or yellow. Luckily these types of warts are rarely painful. Many infected individuals, like with most genital warts, are unaware for some times that they even have anal warts or an HPV infection. A large number of cases of anal warts are brought on by sexual transmission.

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Adults between the ages of 17 and 33 are at the highest risk for anal warts. In fact condyloma acuminatum is one of the most common STDs in America. Oddly enough anal warts are more likely to occur in a person who smokes, uses oral contraceptives, has multiple sex partners, has an early coital age or partakes in anal intercourse. About 90% of anal warts are caused by the human papilloma virust types 6 and 11. These are the leasty like of over 60 types of HPV to become cancerous. If a person has direct sexual contact with someone with an infected genital area, anal warts can easily be transmitted. Research has proven that about 75% of those that engage in sexual intercourse with a person who is infected with condyloma acuminate, develop anal warts within three months.

Most cases of anal warts require numerous treatments because the virus could be living in the surrounding tissue. The area may seem normal and wart-free for six months (or even longer) before another wart develops so keep an eye on the infection and use appropriate treatment. Wartrol is a topical solution purchased over the counter (without a prescription) that is used to treat warts at home. This wart remover is a liquid administered directly to the area infected by HPV. Talk to a doctor about the best treatment for condyloma acuminatum. Wartrol can also be acquired by ordering online.

If you’ve made the wise decision to get a bottle of Wartrol to treat your warts you may be wondering just how fast this medicine will work. Or You may not be sold on the idea just yet and are still weighing your options and getting info on the various wart treatments available. In either case, warts can be a very tricky when it comes to the body healing. Some people that have gotten an HPV don’t even get genital warts, while others do. Then there are those whose warts don’t show up until months after having gotten an infection and the warts go away on their own. It can vary from person to person.

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While treating warts doesn’t always ensure them automatically disappearing, Wartrol wart remover has clinically proven to be effective. The ingredients are FDA approved and it is up to the patient to use the topical solution appropriately. Using the application brush one puts the Wartrol liquid directly onto their warts each day and lets it dry for about a minute. Then give the area 18-19 minutes to soak in the medicine. Don’t put clothing or a band aid on this area until it has completely dissolved into the wart. You keep repeating these simple steps each day until you’ve noticed your wart is gone. For some this is a matter of weeks and for others it’s a matter of months. It can depend on the severity of your warts so the sooner you get started, the better. It is not an overnight cure. Not many skin-related medications are, but Wartrol will give your body the ingredients it needs to fight off the infection.

Try using it for a couple months or so and observe the results. Within six months you should see an improvement, like your warts being gone or almost gone. Using Wartrol will benefit you in getting warts caused by HPV infections removed within months. You have to be consistent with the treatment though to work on improving your condition. The ingredients are natural and the liquid is painless so you don’t have to worry about any additional discomfort when administering your medicine. You better get started now if you’re wanting to being removing those warts ASAP.

According to research 1% of sexually active men in the U.S. have genital warts at any one time. There are over 100 strains of the Human Papilloma Virus. About 40 of them are known to cause both male genital warts and vaginal warts. Genital warts are quite common and are caused by HPV. It is important for one to abstain from having sexual intercourse until the wart(s) have fully healed to keep down the risk of spreading infection.

On men genital warts generally look like flesh colored bumps and can be itchy. Some of them may even bleed. The firm raised bumps, male genital warts, have a rough surface on top and can appear solitary or in a cluster. They are commonly found on the shaft of the penis or even on or between the scrotum and anus. The warts can be found on the glans or top of the penis or inside the urethra or anus.

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While there is no cure for male genital warts caused by HPV, there is a treatment to help clear them up. If one has had unprotected sex and has warts, he may need to be checked for other STDs. One wart treatment that uses FDA approved ingredients that can be administered right at home is Wartrol. This wart remover is a topical solution used directly on the infected area. A doctor’s prescription isn’t even required to attain it, but some doctor’s use the same ingredients or drugs found in this herbal remedy. Men with warts on their genital regions can use the maximum strength of Wartol wart remover consistently to get rid of their infections and HPV symptoms. The liquid is painless yet effective. Find out more on how HPV affects men and look for Wartrol online or in your local pharmacy.

No one wants to have to deal with having warts. They’re already aggravating but what makes them even more annoying is the embarrassment of them being visible or having to go and get them treated. Now you can treat your warts in the privacy of your own home. There are different ways to go about removing your warts, but not every method allows you to do so behind closed doors.

Some of the ways of removing warts that cause you to see a doctor or go to the clinic include Cryotherapy, laser treatments or exicision (surgery). Cryotherapy is basically freezing the warts using liquid nitrogen every 1-3 weeks while laser treatments use an intense beam of light to get rid of those hard to reach warts. Laser treatments can be rather costly as can surgical excision which usually requires local anesthesia.

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If you’d prefer to treat your warts at home, get some podopfilox lotion or gel. It’s usually applied once or twice a day for days at a time. A natural wart remedy medicine known as Wartrol is perfect for at-home treatments. The ingredients are FDA approved and it can be purchased at the pharmacy down the street from your house without having to get a prescription. Wartol can even be purchased over the Internet to protect your privacy even more. Whether you have warts on your feet, legs, upper body or those caused by HPV, Wartrol is a good option to consider. The inexpensive wart treatment comes in a liquid form and is applied directly to the infected areas. Using its maximum strength Wartrol herbal remover is proved to be safe, effective and is also painless. Don’t suffer much longer from human papilloma symptoms if there’s a solution.

Plantar warts, also known as Verruca plantaris, are warts caused by HPV that typically appear on one’s toes or the sole of the feet. Plantar warts are caused by infection by Human papilloma virus types 1, 2, 4 or 63, and these types are classified as clinical or visible symptoms. These plantar warts are benign epithelial tumors that may not become visible for many weeks or months. The virus comes from direct contact through the skin. It may enter through little cuts or abrasions in the outermost layer of skin. A plantar wart can be painful if left untreated. Not all warts cause pain though.

According to research about 7-10% of the US population is estimated to be infected, and this infection most commonly occurs from walking in moist surfaces like showers or swimming pools. The virus is highly contagious because it can survive several months without a host.

Plantar warts sort of resemble cauliflower with tiny black petechiae in the middle. If scratched bleeding may occur and they can also become painful when standing or walking.

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To avoid getting these types of warts avoid walking barefoot on moist walking surfaces, especially in public areas. This means wearing flip flops or water shoes to places like Six Flags and Hurricane Harbour or gym showers. To avoid spreading these warts, if you already have them, you can wear a bandage over it when swimming, not share towels and wear flips flops or sandals when using communal showers.

While treatment may not eliminate the HPV infection causing the warts, there are some treatments effective in addressing the symptoms of the virus. Surgical excision, salicylic acid and cryosurgery are a few options. There is also Wartrol natural wart treatment. It’s a liquid solution applied directly to the infected areas. The ingredients of this herbal wart remover are FDA approved and is clinically proven to heal warts. Wartrol can be bought over the counter at any local pharmacy. Try using this medicine to treat your verruca (plantar) warts.

Wartrol is a wart remover medicine that can be purchased over the counter at the pharmacy. It is an herbal remedy used to treat warts caused by HPV. The ingredients found in Wartrol are FDA approved as the medicine is clinically proven to work on those infected with warts. This natural medicine isn’t taken orally or injected, but is a topical cream. The liquid solution is applied directly on to affected areas. Warts are not always guaranteed to go away for good, but the sooner you get your hands on this medication, the better. The warts may not even show up right away even though you have a human papilloma virus. Some people don’t get warts at all. However warts are the most common symptom of having a sexually transmitted HPV.

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To use Wartrol one simply applies the topical solution to the surface. It doesn’t hurt to put the medicine on your skin. Dip the application brush into the bottle of solution and apply the Wartrol liquid on the warts using the brush. Let it air dry for 60 seconds. Give the solution 18-19 minutes to treat and dissolve the wart(s). Make sure not to cover the area with clothing or a band-aid during this time either. Keep repeating these steps daily. It’s really simply to use and effective. There’s no pain as it works to safely remove verruca, body, flat and plantar warts. You can use it in the privacy of your own home and don’t need a prescription to get it. Begin your journey towards a painless, wart-free life.

Questions may start to flood your mind as you keep seeing the name ‘Wartrol’ across the Internet or other various places.

“How is it used?”
“Is it an Oral medicine?”
“Does It Hurt?”
“Will It Really Work on genital warts?”
“Is It for both men and women?”

“What’s in this stuff??”

Our site is pretty informative so you can click around and explore to find those answers. We’d like to focus on what makes Wartrol the wart fighting medicine that it is and go over its maximum strength and makeup, but first let’s discuss how these warts even come about.

An infection called human papilloma virus, also known as HPV, is a virus that can enter the body through cuts and other vulnerable sites found on one’s skin or feet. Genital human papillomavirus is the most commonly sexually transmitted infection and there are more than 40 types of HPV that can infect the genital regions of men and women. HPV can be passed on through vaginal, anal and oral sex and even genital-to-genital contact.

It is important to know that about 70 percent of those having sexual contact with someone who has a genital warts infection, can also develop the warts over a period of 5-6 months after contact. There are many people infected that don’t even get warts. Genital warts is the most common symptom of HPV though. With a few drops of Wartrol you could possibly be on your way to being wart free.

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Wartrol, available over the counter, is an herbal wart treatment that comes in the form of a liquid solution to treat warts. This topical solution is placed directly on the infected areas of the body. It has to sit and dry but the maximum strength goes into these infections and works to break them up and disappear for good so you can go back to doing what you enjoy, and in a safe manner. The ingredients found in this home treatment are FDA approved and even used by many doctors, specializing in the skin and other infections. Natural oils are a part of the unique mixture used in the wart remover. These all natural oils work to starting a natural process in the skin called Keratolysis. Clinically proven to work and even recommended by Dermatologists, Wartrol will restore the affected skin and return it to its natural state. Get your warts removed with an affordable and dependable solution.

We have discussed female genital warts and how HPV can affect women. Now let’s explore the risks that this infection can bring on men. Just like women symptoms of the human papilloma virus can show up on male genitalia and in warts on their body. While some types of HPV can cause genital warts, other types can cause cancers of the penis, anus or ororpharynx. A lot of men that get HPV don’t ever develop any symptoms or health problems. Genital warts on men appear as one or more growths on the testicles, penis, groin, thighs and in or around the anus. The warts usually don’t hurt, but may appear within weeks or months after having sexual contact with an infected person.

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Research shows that 1% of sexually active men in America have genital warts at any one time. Each year about 400 men in the U.S. who get an HPV-related cancer of the penis. The number of men who get HPV-related cancer of the anus is 1,500.

Why is it that some men are more likely to develop HPV-related diseases than others?
Men who have sex with other men are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than men who only have sex with women, meaning gay and bisexual men are at a higher risk. Those who have a weakened immune system are also more likely to get an anal cancer. Men with HIV are more likely to get severe genital warts that are more difficult to treat.

There are ways to treat health problems caused by HPV in men, and one of them is by using the topical solution called Wartrol. Some other options include surgery and freezing them off. While those require a visit to the doctor, herbal medicine like Wartrol can be administered at home and does not require a prescription. Treating warts doesn’t always decrease a man’s chances of passing on HPV to his sex partner, but it’s worth a try to get an affordable FDA-approved wart removing treatment as soon as one is aware of the warts. It is painless and easy to apply.

Some people may ask if Wartrol is taken by the mouth. Inquiring minds want to know exactly how this drug is administered. Do you swallow it like pills? Is it a shot? Do you use it as a cream? Well, we are here to set the record straight in case you are uncertain.

The over-the-counter wart remover contains maximum strength to safely remove verruca, body, plantar and flat warts. It is a topical solution that is placed directly on the infected areas. Any warts caused by HPV can be treated using Wartrol. Wartrol comes with an applicator brush to make it easier to use the liquid solution. You don’t need a prescription to get Wartrol.

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Take Wartrol home to use and in a few easy steps treat yourself for natural herbal removal of warts. Just dip the applicator brush that comes with the medicine and apply the liquid to the wart(s). Let it air dry for about 60 seconds. Then let the solution dissolve. This will take about 18-19 minutes. Make sure you don’t cover the wart with clothes or a band-aid or anything as this is happening. Keep repeating these steps until your wart is gone.

The ingredients used in Wartrol are FDA approved. Dermatologists and doctors use many of the same for wart removal. Now you can just get it without paying for the prescription and all that. If you’re okay with a topical solution to treat your warts and want an effective herbal wart removal, then check out Wartrol.

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections, genital human papillomavirus, causes irritating warts. Sometimes people get them. Other times they don’t. Sometimes those infected are aware they have HPV, while others do not because the symptoms may not always occur. If you or someone you know contracts HPV and gets genital warts as a result, point them in the direction of a natural solution. Wartrol is a topical solution used at home that brings wart relief using FDA approved ingredients. It is applied directly to the infected areas and treats the raised or inflamed skin caused by HPV.

Wartrol is a maximum strength fast-acting liquid that helps those nasty warts go away; yet it’s safe enough to be used at home. You won’t need a special prescription. You can just get it over the counter at your nearby pharmacy or order it online by clicking below.

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Treat your genital warts and infections caused by HPV. Wartrol will attack those hard to embarrassing areas. An applicator brush comes with the solution to make it easier to use. People suffering from these types of warts want something that acts fast, is effective and doesn’t cause more harm to their body. Wartrol wart remover is a highly trusted medicine that is clinically proven to work on both men and women. Make sure these growths don’t return. Protect yourself and get treated without others knowing by ordering medicine that can be used in the comfort of your own home. Avoid having unprotected sex, or participating in sex period with various partners that you don’t know and are not married to. Rest assured that this treatment will give you the healing in a matter of 3 easy steps and proper use.