Is Wartrol Used Orally?

Some people may ask if Wartrol is taken by the mouth. Inquiring minds want to know exactly how this drug is administered. Do you swallow it like pills? Is it a shot? Do you use it as a cream? Well, we are here to set the record straight in case you are uncertain.

The over-the-counter wart remover contains maximum strength to safely remove verruca, body, plantar and flat warts. It is a topical solution that is placed directly on the infected areas. Any warts caused by HPV can be treated using Wartrol. Wartrol comes with an applicator brush to make it easier to use the liquid solution. You don’t need a prescription to get Wartrol.

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Take Wartrol home to use and in a few easy steps treat yourself for natural herbal removal of warts. Just dip the applicator brush that comes with the medicine and apply the liquid to the wart(s). Let it air dry for about 60 seconds. Then let the solution dissolve. This will take about 18-19 minutes. Make sure you don’t cover the wart with clothes or a band-aid or anything as this is happening. Keep repeating these steps until your wart is gone.

The ingredients used in Wartrol are FDA approved. Dermatologists and doctors use many of the same for wart removal. Now you can just get it without paying for the prescription and all that. If you’re okay with a topical solution to treat your warts and want an effective herbal wart removal, then check out Wartrol.

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