How To Get Rid of Genital Warts at Home

No one wants to have to deal with having warts. They’re already aggravating but what makes them even more annoying is the embarrassment of them being visible or having to go and get them treated. Now you can treat your warts in the privacy of your own home. There are different ways to go about removing your warts, but not every method allows you to do so behind closed doors.

Some of the ways of removing warts that cause you to see a doctor or go to the clinic include Cryotherapy, laser treatments or exicision (surgery). Cryotherapy is basically freezing the warts using liquid nitrogen every 1-3 weeks while laser treatments use an intense beam of light to get rid of those hard to reach warts. Laser treatments can be rather costly as can surgical excision which usually requires local anesthesia.

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If you’d prefer to treat your warts at home, get some podopfilox lotion or gel. It’s usually applied once or twice a day for days at a time. A natural wart remedy medicine known as Wartrol is perfect for at-home treatments. The ingredients are FDA approved and it can be purchased at the pharmacy down the street from your house without having to get a prescription. Wartol can even be purchased over the Internet to protect your privacy even more. Whether you have warts on your feet, legs, upper body or those caused by HPV, Wartrol is a good option to consider. The inexpensive wart treatment comes in a liquid form and is applied directly to the infected areas. Using its maximum strength Wartrol herbal remover is proved to be safe, effective and is also painless. Don’t suffer much longer from human papilloma symptoms if there’s a solution.

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