Genital Wart Treatment Options

Having genital warts could affect many aspects of a person’s life: physical, sexual and even social life. No matter how miniscule the warts are, there is a possibility that the person will pass it on to his or her partner/s especially if he or she has unprotected sex all the time.

First and foremost, to prevent the spread of the infection, the infected person should avoid all sexual contact with others. It is his or her responsibility to stop the spread of the infection.

When a person has genital warts, it is not the end of the world. There are actually a lot of treatment options to choose from, and it would be best to get it treated by a certified doctor. It is a common thing for doctors to use a combination of treatments because there is no known treatment that could totally cure a person from genital warts.

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Here are some of the treatments to choose from:

Cryotherapy – This treatment uses liquid nitrogen. This method “freezes” the warts and is usually used for the more persistent ones. This is a common treatment because most patients respond well to this with very few side effects. This treatment can be used on pregnant women.

Laser treatment – This is more common for recurrent and the extensive kind of warts. This involves the use of a laser or an intense beam of light which destroys the wart physically. This treatment is very expensive and there can be a longer healing time and scarring could also occur.

Electrocautery – This is an old treatment and takes a longer time to heal. An electrical current is used to heat a needle and is used to burn wart cells and cauterize blood vessels. Local anesthesia may be used to prevent any pain. For severe warts, general or spinal anesthesia could be used.

Surgical excision – This requires a doctor to perform a minor surgery to excise or to take out the warts. This is best for large warts and has a greater risk for the development of scars.

Podophyllin resin – This is a brown liquid that aids to remove the warts by impeding the growth of new cells. This is usually “painted” on by a doctor or a nurse and left for 4 hours or less (for easily irritated skin). It has to be applied by medical professionals because it may damage the healthy tissue around the warts. This may have to be applied more than once to make it work effectively.

Podopfilox lotion or gel – This is a medication that could be applied by patient at home.

These are merely some of the treatment options that doctors use.

For relief of any symptoms that cause discomfort, there are available medications for that. There are homeopathic medications that are made from natural ingredients, such as Wartrol, which could provide relief from a person from itchiness and other symptoms. A word of warning though, these medications are only there to relieve a person from the symptoms, and not necessarily cure them. Treatment is to be done by medical professionals alone.

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