Filiform Wart Removal

Filiform warts can appear on the neck, lips, face or eyelids. These facial warts are long, thin and flesh-colored originating from a type of HPV virus that causes the top layer of skin to grow too rapidly. Filiform warts can respond positively to treatment. Anyone who gets face warts wants to get rid of them immediately because they feel like just about everyone can notice a wart right on your face. Talk to your doctor about some of the options you may have or just get a bottle of Wartrol at your nearby pharmacy.

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Some warts will go away on their own, but if you’re wanting to treat your filiform warts consider a few things. Don’t pick at your warts, or try physically removing them yourself. That will only make matters worse and spread the infection. Using Wartrol wart remover at home is affordable and effective. It’s almost harmless and highly recommended by dermatologists. Other over-the-counter wart removal products that contain salicyclic acid are typically good for warts, but Wartrol is your best bet. One reason for this is saclicylic acid is an acid that destroys healthy skin along with the wart and it’s not really considered safe for use on your face, eyes, lips or neck and other sensitive areas. These are clearly areas where filiform warts form so just take caution.

Another option could be freezing the filiform warts with liquid nitrogen. By having the doctor place a small amount of liquid nitrogen to the wart, it should eventually fall of. This could however require several treatments. You don’t have to worry about scarring either because warts don’t penetrate the top layer of the skin. Surgery and laser treatments are two other options for removing your filiform wart. Consult your doctor for details on those methods.

Remember, filiform warts grow fast and can appear in clusters. Unlike other types of warts, they usually appear in round and raised areas. They also might bleed if damaged or broken open. The good news is that these facial warts are benign and easily treatable.

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