Face Warts

Some people get warts that appear on their face, while others get them on their feet or hands. The most common type of warts found on the face are flat warts or filiform warts. In some cases a large wart that suddenly appears could be a mole on adults, so they can consult a dermatologist just to be sure. Kids might see these warts come and go. The fact of the matter is these warts found on the face, hands and feet are caused by a specific strain of the human papilloma virus. Generally speaking warts are an outward symptom of a poor immune system. Usually those with a strong immune system can fight off the virus responsible for facial warts. By strengthening the immune system with proper diet, adequate water intake and vitamin/mineral supplements you can help prevent and heal warts quicker.

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People with facial warts always want faster removal methods because it’s seen so easily, but one must be even more cautious as to what treatment they decide to use because the face tissue is delicate and easily scarred. Facial warts are quite contagious. They’re easily spread through inadvertently touching the wart and then touching other parts of the face. Another classic way of face warts spreading is through shaving the face. Always wash your hands if you have facial warts and have touched them. Don’t let others use the same towel or items that have been used to clean your face. In many cases the warts just have to go away on their own accord and let the body fight it off naturally, but if you’re willing to try a natural remedy look to Wartrol. This medicine can be purchased over the counter and is a topical solution applied directly to the skin. Check with your doctor first if you have any skin conditions or allergies before using it to ensure what’s best. It’s clinically proven to work with FDA approved ingredients. In the meantime, boos your immune system as face warts are usually among the hardest to treat.

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