Common Warts Found on the Hands

Warts are small benign growths caused by a viral infection that appear on a person’s skin or their mucous membrane. People that commonly get warts include young adults, children and women. Warts affect 7-10% of the population. The viruses associated with what causes warts are members of the HPV family. Some HPV’s produce warts on the skin, while others produce warts in the mouth or rectal areas of a person’s body. Those with weakened immune systems are more sensitive to HPV and getting wart infections than those with strong immune systems.

Hand warts are pretty common. Found growing around the nails, on fingers or the back of the hand, hand warts will often appear where the skin is broken. If you get a cut or tear in your skin, the HPV infection can be transmitted through that area. The human papilloma virus can spread into the body through tiny breaks in the skin where it infects skin cells beneath. Because of this some students might be self-conscious in class. Plus we use our hands for so many different applications, so if a person does contract a hand wart they’ll probably notice it even more.

While flat warts are even smaller and often appear on the legs of women and children’s faces, they can appear in large numbers anywhere on the body. They are different than the common hand wart.

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The HPV infection can take weeks or months for a wart to develop. Newer warts are spread more easily, and by touching warts you can infect other parts of your body through cuts in the skin. If you share personal items with an infected person you can also pass on the infection.

It can be tricky dealing with hand warts because we use them so much on a daily basis, but start out by trying to keep them clean and dry. Don’t pick at warts if you
get them. That’s one way you’ll definitely spread it to other areas of your hand or body. Consider getting some Wartrol natural wart remover. It’s a liquid medicine that can be applied right on the wart. It is painless and available right over the counter. The ingredients used for the treatment are used by dermatologists and FDA approved. The body’s defense may help to work against these warts, but if you’d like to speed up the process get some Wartrol asap!

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