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Small warts that occur in the rectum are known as anal warts or condyloma acuminate. At first anal warts show up as tiny blemishes as small as the tip of a pin, but then they grow into larger cauliflower sized proteuberances. Anal warts may be pink, light brown or yellow. Luckily these types of warts are rarely painful. Many infected individuals, like with most genital warts, are unaware for some times that they even have anal warts or an HPV infection. A large number of cases of anal warts are brought on by sexual transmission.

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Adults between the ages of 17 and 33 are at the highest risk for anal warts. In fact condyloma acuminatum is one of the most common STDs in America. Oddly enough anal warts are more likely to occur in a person who smokes, uses oral contraceptives, has multiple sex partners, has an early coital age or partakes in anal intercourse. About 90% of anal warts are caused by the human papilloma virust types 6 and 11. These are the leasty like of over 60 types of HPV to become cancerous. If a person has direct sexual contact with someone with an infected genital area, anal warts can easily be transmitted. Research has proven that about 75% of those that engage in sexual intercourse with a person who is infected with condyloma acuminate, develop anal warts within three months.

Most cases of anal warts require numerous treatments because the virus could be living in the surrounding tissue. The area may seem normal and wart-free for six months (or even longer) before another wart develops so keep an eye on the infection and use appropriate treatment. Wartrol is a topical solution purchased over the counter (without a prescription) that is used to treat warts at home. This wart remover is a liquid administered directly to the area infected by HPV. Talk to a doctor about the best treatment for condyloma acuminatum. Wartrol can also be acquired by ordering online.

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